Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Camming, A look into my beginnings

I have only been doing camming for about 2 months now, and I have come to realize a few things. Living with someone who decides they want company when running errands and day light savings time makes for a late start to getting on cam. Every day I have been trying to get online by 7 PM but with the sun not going down till 7:30 it makes it hard to do as my roommate insists on either talking me into going with her to run around and do basic shopping, or is constantly asking me to go with her making it impossible to get on without the constant interruption. This is a big part of why my schedule has been all over the place on when I am online. The other reason is that I have had a busy past few weeks and as a result of the stress I have been having some repercussions in the form of being tired way early, like by 8 pm early. This makes it hard to get online also as trying to be on cam when you cant keep your eyes open doesn't work well.

I know that most of you probably dont care about these things as they really dont effect you, but if you are following me on here then you probably also follow when I am on cam.
I will continue to try and find that happy place where I am able to create a balance in my schedule and be online at regular times. I hope to see you in my room next time I am on.

Love <3

Aria Rayne

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