Monday, May 20, 2013

The down side of modeling...

As everyone knows modeling can be a fun thing that is an artistic outlet. What people don't know are the types of things that you run into which can actually suck all of the fun out of it and makes it something that one would loathe to do.

I have not been on my web cam for over a month now due to health problems, as a result I have had the past month off from shooting as well. I really do miss both of them and can't wait until I am in front of the camera again. As a result I am a bit over eager to set up photo shoots. I have recently started my online portfolio which has had a great deal of popularity when it comes to comments, likes, friend requests, and potential shoots. There have been some promising sounding shoots that I have been offered and am in the process of setting up, as well as some that I am surprised that these people feel they can try and get away with it.

The first one of these was someone who has a copy of his model release on his personal site which he sent me the link to read over it prior to shooting. In the release he stated that I would have NO say over which images he used, so if there is something that I am not happy with how it looks he is still able to use it if he wants. This is offensive for trade shoots as this is something that BOTH of us are doing for our portfolios so it should be a case of images used represent the look that BOTH parties want to use. Yes I realize that this is different when it comes to paid shoots, but that is not what was discussed.

The second one was this person who contacted me, not stating trade or paid shoot, and offered to work with me. His profile states basically, if you are not getting paid it is because you are sacrificing quality for money, so rather than saving a few bucks pay him and let him make the money instead. ARE YOU SHITTING ME?!?!?!? If you are telling a model that they are not getting paid because they are giving up quality to save money, what makes you think they will pay you? That is insane. when I asked, he stated that he is looking to work trade with me (hmmmmm, strange) and that the shots I currently have up are "amateur snap shots", and that he wants to "mold" me into the model he wants me to be. YEAH RIGHT!!

I have also run into ones that change the shoot type on me last minute to something I never would have agreed to, those who fail to provide me with the images, those who ignore the fact I asked for unedited copies, and other things. All of these are from "Pro" photographers and ones I would consider newer to the industry...

That's not even taking into account the amateurs and "GWC" or guys with cameras that are looking for more than just taking pictures.

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