Monday, May 27, 2013

Spankings, a technical view on receiving.

So a month or so ago I asked for writing topics.  I got some really good ones, but it made it difficult for me to determine where to start.  I have decided that the best place for me to start is with SPANKINGS!!!! (YAY!!)

I know that most of you are expecting either a story about one of my spanking experiences or at least my opinions on it.  Well you will get a little bit of my opinions, but not in the way you expect.  Having a strong science background leads my brain to think in more technical ways than most people so, as a result I end up going all sciency technical when I sit down and free write.  As a result, here are my sciency thoughts on spankings.

There are many different ways that spankings can be done, and all of them create different sensations.  It can be bare handed with one cheek being hit, full across both cheeks, a belt, paddle, switch, cane, crop, wooden spoon or even a ruler.  When we normally think of spankings though, we think bare handed over the knee spanking.  While I understand that this is the most common association, for the purposes of this writing it will encompass a much broader meaning.  The main thing that will be linking all forms of impact play for this entry are the fact that they are all making contact with the receiver’s ass.

Some enjoy the pain that the spanking brings, others enjoy the other sensations that it can create, and then you have those like me who enjoy both.  Pain is easy to explain the fine line that it shares with pleasure, endorphins.  The body reacts to stimuli by releasing specific chemicals, pain and pleasure both release endorphins. That is why some things hurt oh so good. Once your nerves reach a threshold, or with specific types of pain, they send a more intense signal to your brain which overrides the feel good chemicals. This is the same reason why a good massage may also hurt in a good way.  This is the exact reason that so many people claim that it is a fine line between pain and pleasure which many of us love to walk.

Besides the pain that a spanking will cause, there are also other sensations that you can get from it.  The force of the impact can feel either stingy or thuddy, which can add a tingling sensation after the pain is over.  It can also, when done in a specific way, stimulate the anus area.  With women this also will stimulate the vaginal opening as well.  There is also the factor of the force of the impact and the shock-wave that it creates.  Even when it is just one cheek that is impacted, there is transference of the force into the fat and muscles, which is then also carried to the anus itself.  The results of repeated spanks can actually have the same effect that a vibrator teasing the anal area has.  The combination of these different sensations can be enough to allow some people to be able cum without any other stimulation needed. 

I myself enjoy a mixture of the pain, the sensitivity after, and the other sensations that I get from being spanked.  It is not something that I partake in that often partly due to the fact that I have a wide range of kinks, partly because most of the kinky stuff I do is during scenes, and partly because I am only sceneing/playing with one person who is a switch that enjoys receiving as much as I do.  This makes for a limited amount of play time for both of us as we either have to pre-negotiate things to determine exactly who is doing what, which is too much work when you are horny.

Next up: Floggings, different sensations and effects.

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I love your writings. Your sensitivity and openness is awesome.

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